Month: May 2024

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Click Here…But Maybe Not? The Hidden Hurdles of Email Policies

Domain administrators implement email policies to safeguard users from phishing, malware, and spam threats. Admins believe these policies are crucial for ensuring security, but they may occasionally interfere with the intended functionality of wanted and expected emails. As a sender, it is essential to understand these policies and their potential impact on your email campaigns.… Read More

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Your quick guide to Comcast email headers

Email headers contain vital information about an email message’s origin, routing, and delivery. Knowing how to access email headers is essential to troubleshoot email delivery issues or investigate potential spam. Email headers can provide insights into an email’s path, helping identify issues. For instance, they can reveal if an email was delayed or came from… Read More

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Learning from Roomba-style problem solving

Several months back, I watched my Roomba make a map of the second floor of my house. That process looked like this: Take off in a straight line. Hit an object (like a wall). Back up. Make a random turn. Go back to step 1. It’s surprisingly entertaining to watch. The Roomba seems determined to… Read More

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Beyond Opens: Important Metrics That Drive Results in Email Marketing

To achieve success, you need to track and analyze key metrics that reveal the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. Open rates used to be the go-to standard for tracking message engagement, but things like Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection have hampered its usefulness. Here are seven crucial metrics you should be tracking (beyond opens) to… Read More

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Unlock Success: Email Marketing Metrics After Mail Privacy Protection

Since its introduction in September 2021, Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) has reshaped the world of email marketing. MPP, available on iOS devices and Macs running macOS Monterey or later, prioritizes user privacy by hindering senders’ ability to track email activity. Let’s quickly dive into what MPP is, how it works, and its impact on… Read More

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Abuse Desks HATE Political Emailers: How You Can Stand Out

Political email marketing can be a powerful tool for reaching and engaging constituents. However, behind the scenes, it’s a landscape fraught with frustration for abuse desks. Here’s why: Lack of Opt-In and List Sharing Political emailers often obtain email addresses through various means, including purchasing and trading lists or scraping them from public sources (such… Read More