Month: June 2024

Data quality depends on user consent

Why data quality depends on user consent

Deliverability Week continues, and it’s my turn to make a substantive contribution today. So, I’m pulling together some of my favorite topics: deliverability, privacy, and consent. Enjoy! Data is the lifeblood of a marketer’s world, but its true power lies in its quality. Imagine making important decisions based on inaccurate or incomplete information – that’s… Read More

Deliverability History: Habeas, Deliverability Settings and Email Testers

Back in the day, when Mickey Chandler and I were both working in deliverability and compliance for ExactTarget (later Salesforce Marketing Cloud), I put together an email testing tool called the Reputation Audit. The genesis of this tool – why I created it – was to rebut Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) that a particular… Read More

It’s important to reward good behavior: Deliverability Week

The year was 1997. I had been married for a few months and had not been out of school for much longer. We had just moved from New Orleans to Austin—without jobs, no less. So, Carol and I spent many hours trying to find work. One day, I returned to our modest apartment and checked… Read More

Image of the Promotions Tab in iOS 18.

Apple’s iOS 18 Mail App: What Marketers Need to Know About the New Tabs

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is always a highly anticipated event, with developers, tech enthusiasts, and industry insiders eagerly awaiting announcements about the company’s latest innovations. One significant highlight for marketers is that changes are coming to the Mail app in iOS 18 (expected to drop this fall). A Closer Look at the New Mail… Read More

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SORBS closing has been announced

I’ve heard rumors for a few days that Proofpoint was closing the SORBS (Spam and Open Relay Blocking System) DNSBL. Still, I had not seen any real confirmation until last night, when the list maintainer sent an email to the Mailop mailing list. So, I now feel comfortable posting that SORBS is closing over the… Read More