About Mickey

I am an email specialist with 18+ years in the field and a master’s degree in Information Systems and a CIPP/US certification. Previously a legal assistant with 2 years in that field. Providing exceptional advice on messaging related issues.

I currently manage privacy and policy compliance efforts for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and own the company’s relationship with The Spamhaus Project. This includes consulting directly with clients to address deliverability issues, working with ISPs and blacklist groups to understand what clients have done wrong and how best to remediate those issues, and terminating clients who were unable or unwilling to remediate issues relating to blacklisting or permission best practices. I have been known to present on privacy, policy, and blacklisting issues to clients and industry associations.

Thoughts and opinions presented on this blog are my purely own and in no way reflect the thoughts, feelings, or positions of Salesforce. There are plenty of smart people at Salesforce who are able to present the opinions of the company.

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