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With over 25 years of email expertise, a master’s degree in Information Systems, and a CIPP/US certification, I bring unparalleled insights into messaging-related challenges. In May 2024, I graduated with a JD from the University of Houston Law Center, adding to my extensive knowledge.

My consultancy services are open to select ISPs, ESPs, marketers, and attorneys. I specialize in offering direct consultation on deliverability issues, collaborating with ISPs and blacklist groups to pinpoint and rectify client missteps, and helping to take decisive action against clients unwilling to adhere to best practices. Renowned for my presentations on privacy, policy, and blocklisting matters to clients and industry associations, I am committed to delivering effective solutions that adhere to the highest standards.

Rely on me for top-notch consulting services that will elevate your business operations and improve your bottom line.

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