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Interview with Al Iverson

My good friend Al Iverson did a short interview with me over on his Spam Resource blog. Read More

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So… (an update)

Where have I been? It’s a legitimate question. The short answer is that I’ve been busy. Very busy. My last post was in September of 2021, but if you go back a little further, you’ll find this post where I talk about applying to law school. Well, I made it in. I’ve been attending law… Read More


I’m still here…

An apology: I haven’t forgotten about the blog, and really haven’t neglected things so much as I’ve been super busy. Since my last post, I have: Overseen the transition of our team’s ticketing queue from one platform to another.Applied to the University of Houston Law Center’s part-time/evening program. (The next time that you are lacking… Read More

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Starting over

I recently moved this blog to a new server as I was losing access to the old server (which is a long story best told in person). For some unknown reason, the backup that I created of my site’s database didn’t include the posts. I’m still not sure why that happened, but I didn’t notice… Read More