Month: March 2011

Canada’s anti-spam law: Does it apply to me?

Lots of time and space has been dedicated to an examination of Canada’s new anti-spam law.  And we have been watching it too.  For a general overview of the law, I would suggest reading [acp author=”Al Iverson” day=”17″ month=”December” year=”2010″ url=”” media=”blog” publisher=”ExactTarget” title=”Canada’s Anti-Spam Bill (C-28) Becomes Law”]{author}’s {publisher} blog post[/acp] about it. Today,… Read More

USS Missouri fires a broadside

Partial bulking & other warning shots

This morning, I got a question about some, but not all, of a mailing going into the bulk folder at a large ISP.  “What does it mean when they do that? What should we do?” Most think sending mail to the bulk folder is an “all or nothing” proposition. They know there is a problem… Read More

Number 11 is a nice place to be

Sometimes we can get too close to something.  So close, in fact, that we take comments the wrong way so that they become insults that they were never intended to be. A couple of years ago, a member of the postmaster staff at a large, North American ISP said to a group of ESP people:… Read More