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Ignaz Semmelweis

Tone Matters

There is more to the story of Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis than merely the fact that people will discount the possibility that they are, in fact, responsible for things that happen. Another part of the story which is important to us is found in how Dr. Semmelweis responded to criticism. To put things mildly and diplomatically,… Read More

Ignaz Semmelweis

Sometimes, it’s you

Today’s post comes to us from the story of a 19th-century doctor: [acp author=”Imre Zoltán” title=”Ignaz Semmelweis” id=”Brit-1″ url=”” media=”website” publisher=”Encylopedia Britannica” day=”19″ month=”August” year=”2019″ day_access=”10″ month_access=”January” year_access=”2020″]{title}[/acp]. Dr. Semmelweis was an obstetrician in Vienna who obtained his degree in 1844 and was appointed assistant at the obstetric clinic in Vienna’s General Hospital. There were… Read More

Why Is Policy Important?

Policies are important documents, but not everyone understands why they exist. Policies exist in order to delineate what is allowable and what is not. They also exist in order to inform people as to what rules will be followed in certain situations. This blog has both kinds of policies. We have a Privacy Policy that… Read More

Political spam: A Few Stats

I’m not enamored with political senders. As a group, they tend to have a sense of entitlement to engage in poor practices. So, they buy, sell, rent, and trade lists. Today’s post is a case study in the last presidential election. I gave tagged addresses to the Trump, Warren, Sanders, and Clinton campaigns. In each… Read More

Overwhelmed Recipients

On the twelfth day of Listmas, my data showed to me overwhelmed recipients… Just about everything on our list from the 12 Days of Listmas has one result: Recipients are overwhelmed. According to [acp media=”paper” id=”Radicati-20171222″ title=”Email Statistics Report, 2017-2021″ month=”February” year=”2017″ publisher=”The Radicati Group, Inc.” year_access=”2017″ month_access=”December” day_access=”22″ url=””]{publisher}’s {title}[/acp] the “average” email address should… Read More

Emails sent to dead folks

On the eleventh day of Listmas, my data showed to me emails sent to dead folks… Today’s post is related to yesterday’s post as well as day 6. Really, it’s all about list hygiene. The title of the post is “emails sent to dead people.” The thing is, I mean that quite literally. Often people… Read More

Re-activating old stuff

On the tenth day of Listmas, my data showed to me someone reactivating old stuff… Ah! The musty smell of old lists. You know, people who haven’t heard from the company in months and months. OR! Even better: They haven’t heard from us in years and years! It’s true! This actually happens. One of my… Read More

Inundated Servers

On the ninth day of Listmas, my data showed to me 9 inundated servers… If you take the total of all of the other days of Listmas (with the exception of the SBLs and the authentication issues), you come up with a lot of extra mail being sent. In fact, the period between late October… Read More

Annual mailing

On the eighth day of Listmas my data showed to me eight annual mailings… This post is kind of a bookend to day 3’s “[acp media=”blog” id=”me-20171218″ year=”2017″ month=”December” day=”13″ year_access=”2017″ month_access=”December” day_access=”18″ title=”Sending 3 Times Daily” author=”Mickey Chandler” publisher=”Spamtacular” url=””]{title}[/acp]” on the effect of overmailing. Today we’re going to talk about undermailing. Like many people, my… Read More

“That’s our business model!”

On the seventh day of Listmas, my client said to me “That’s our business model!” Everyone thinks that they have the next disruptive business model. “What we’ve come up with will change how you ________________.” If only, you know, if only that everyone knew about the business and how disruptive it is. Some people in my line… Read More

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