BT Transitioning Away From Yahoo! Mail

English: A British Telecom building near Castl...

English: A British Telecom building near Castle Farm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

British Telecom (BT) announced last year that they would be [acp author=”Christopher Williams” title=”BT dumps Yahoo! email after hacking claims” media=”website” id=”Williams_01″ publisher=”The Telegraph” url=”” year=”2013″ month=”May” day=”30″]transitioning away[/acp] from Yahoo! Mail’s service for their customers after a decade. The concern at the time was over account security. Many BT customers were reporting that they were losing control of the mail accounts being hosted on Yahoo! Mail’s service.

Now, the time for that transition has finally arrived.

BT has posted a [acp media=”website” author=”British Telecom” title=”We’re changing BT’s portal and email services” year=”2013″ month=”June” day=”7″ url=”’re-changing-bt’s-portal-and-email-services” id=”BT_01″]web page[/acp] which outlines what’s coming up. It appears that new customers were moved to the new system starting in October, 2013. Now, BT says that they will start moving existing customers who are currently on the “BT Yahoo Mail” system over to their new system this spring.

The good news is that they are working to make this a seamless transition. There is another [acp author=”British Telecom” year=”2014″ month=”February” id=”BT_02″ media=”website” title=”We’re making some changes to your BT email service” url=””]web page[/acp] about the process which even includes, in bold print “Don’t worry, your email address will stay the same.” So, most mailers shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

If you need a primer on how to facilitate the transition of an account, I wrote about that over on the [acp media=”blog” year=”2013″ month=”April” day=”23″ author=”Mickey Chandler” id=”Chandler_04″ url=”” title=”Handling Your Email List During a Domain Shutdown”]ExactTarget blog[/acp].