Month: May 2010

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Asking for the Impossible: Send Rates

Today’s post is the third in a series on contractual terms that clients want to try to get but usually will be unable to due to reality’s harsh impact. Thus far, we have considered Delivery Service Level Agreements (Mickey Chandler, ​Asking For The Impossible: SLAs​, Spamtacular (2010), (last visited May 13, 2010).) and inbox… Read More

Asking for the impossible: Inbox Guarantees

Yesterday, we had a look at Delivery SLAs as a contract term that you are unlikely to get out of an email service provider. Closely linked with the Delivery SLA is the Inbox SLA, more commonly referred to as the Inbox Guarantee. This is a contractual term that many people try to impose upon an… Read More

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Asking for the impossible: SLAs

Just a few days ago, I wrote that I cannot guarantee that my intervention will remove you from a DNSBL. Why? because I won’t agree to terms that will bind me to making someone do something. I figured I would follow that up by looking at some contractual terms that your mail consultant and/or ESP… Read More

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Guest Post: Your Problems Are Bigger Than You Think

A few days ago, a delivery consultant approached me. Frustration abounded, and while this person didn’t need my assistance with anything, someone needed to vent for a few minutes. This person, whom we shall name “Gary” for this post, agreed to write up a paraphrase of the day’s frustrations. So, I’ll post that and then… Read More

I Can’t Give You What You Want

Yesterday, I was talking with a potential client about engaging my services. The prospect asked for a guarantee of results with regard to a smallish blocking list, and left the telephone call unhappy because I would not do that. The reason that I, and indeed ANY email delivery consultant, cannot guarantee results seems obvious to… Read More