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Quotable quotes

Think about why you open an email in your inbox. Consider that when creating your next email campaign, would you open your email?— Informz (@Informz) June 8, 2009 That’s a great question: Would you bother to open your own mail if you had a choice, or would you toss it out with the rest of… Read More

When web experts opine about email…

you get incredibly dumb statements like this one: Like promotional e-mail, transactional e-mail by nature bypasses search engines.Maria Krueger, ​Transactional e-mail can help market your brand​, Post-Crescent (2009), (last visited May 18, 2009). Uh? What? My car also by nature bypasses search engines (although it does, in fact, have an engine of its own, thus… Read More

Email is about relationships

Did you know that it’s entirely possible to learn the wrong lessons? Well, it is. I use Zemanta to suggest possible links for blog posts. As I was writing yesterday’s blog post, a suggested link came up dealing with CAN-SPAM and the definition of “spam”. That post by Roger Bauer shows how some people just… Read More

Video in email

I am asked about embedding Flash or Windows Media files in email on a fairly regular basis. I always advise against it. It never seems to deliver well and it also suffers from degradation in service. That is to say that it doesn’t seem to get where you want it as often, and when it… Read More

Bad Advice

The hallmark of bad advice is the “there are very clear guidelines” statement which appears without an actual reference to the “very clear guideline”. A great example of this is an Email Insider article entitled: “Transactional Email:” CAN-SPAM. There are very clear guidelines on how much marketing content is acceptable in a transactional email (no… Read More

The Spock Trap

I’ll admit it, I’m a policy wonk. I have a bachelor’s degree in Government. And, I read the Dipnote, the US State Department’s blog. It’s in my non-work blog feeds in Thunderbird. So, sue me. Today, John Matel writes a post titled: “Hidden Prosperity and the Banana Index in Iraq.” John Matel, ​Hidden Prosperity and… Read More

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