Domain Reputation

My Reputation (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The Spamhaus DBL Team is making some change to their Domain Block List. The new changes will seek to emphasize domains associated with malware and bots, and allow administrators to more easily filter out entries related to legitimate URL shortening services. If you use the DBL, you should go have a look. If you don’t,… Read the rest


BT Transitioning Away From Yahoo! Mail

P9068990 (Photo credit: Ingy The Wingy) British Telecom (BT) announced last year that they would be transitioning away from Yahoo! Mail’s service for their customers after a decade. The concern at the time was over account security. Many BT customers were reporting that they were losing control of the mail accounts being hosted on Yahoo! Mail’s service. Now, the time… Read the rest

Proper Assumptions

Puzzle piece (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I’m at the Messaging, Malware, & Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group meeting this week. After all of the sessions on Tuesday were over, I was speaking with a colleague from another company about how I handle some aspects of providing client advice and he suggested that I write that down in a blog post. When dealing… Read the rest


If ESPs were like ISPs…

Everyone wants to protect users and trap data. English: message Icon, Post with wings. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) As a result, people like to send redacted complaints to email service providers (ESPs). Generally, I’m pretty happy to work with redacted data. I need to be able to tell which client sent mail. I need to be able to tell when they… Read the rest

Spammer escapes slammer (Updated)

Federal Prison chapel, Lompoc Calif. (Photo credit: Eli Nixon) The Lompoc Record is reporting that Jeffery Kilbride has escaped from the minimum security federal lockup. Kilbride was convicted in 2007 of offenses primarily related to the CAN-SPAM Act. Among the things that were apparently included was an allegation that Kilbride and his partner had impaired the ability to track them… Read the rest


Make money that’s worth it…

“If it’s worth the risk, take the fall. If it’s what you want, it’s worth it all!” (Photo credit: deeplifequotes) I’m in the midst of putting some old posts back up. That means searching through the Wayback Machine, looking for interesting posts (like many other writers, I think that a lot of what I’ve put out in the past is… Read the rest

CASL Loophole?

Canada (Photo credit: palindrome6996) In looking at the new regulatory framework for CASL which was just released late on Tuesday of last week by Industry Canada, I noticed a this bit: 3. Section 6 of the Act does not apply to a commercial electronic message… (f) if the person who sends the message or causes or permits it to be… Read the rest

Coat of Arms of Germany

“Forward to a Friend” and Germany

Coat of arms of the Federal Republic of Germany (1950 to date). (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Lots of folks have been talking recently about a September German Federal Court ruling[1] that “emails sent using a ‘send to a friend’ function are to be considered spam, unless the recipient had given prior express consent.” This is a fairly significant development in law.… Read the rest

Don’t opt-out of spam?

Spamfilter (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Yesterday, Laura Atkins wrote a blog post which suggests that unsubscribing from spam doesn’t result in receiving more spam. I know that this is a project that she’s been working on for at least a month, and I don’t have any reason to doubt her results. [1] Interestingly, this morning there was a new post by … Read the rest
Spam filter


Wherein Zoominfo causes spam

Internets = Parody motivator. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Zoominfo, DiscoverOrg, and Lead411 are popular lead generation sources. Every once in a while someone comes along and tries to defend the use of crowd sourced list generation services (of which ZoomInfo and Jigsaw seem to be the largest). These systems work by allowing people to download contact information for third parties… Read the rest