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Herd Immunity

It’s the time of year when people start getting their flu shots. Flu vaccinations are important for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the concept of “herd immunity.” Part of that concept is that everything does not always go according to plan. That is, some people will get sick despite being… Read More

Make money that’s worth it…

Was that Day Off Worth his Life^ - NARA - 534698

Was that Day Off Worth his Life^ – NARA – 534698 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m in the midst of putting some old posts back up. That means searching through the Wayback Machine, looking for interesting posts (like many other writers, I think that a lot of what I’ve put out in the past is drivel), and then copying and pasting it into the blog platform, and then altering the date (so that the URL doesn’t change). I came across this postfrom December 14, 2006. In re-reading it, it occurred to me that with

just a few edits, it’s all still relevant today. So, rather than put it back in its old place, I’m putting up a new post (with appropriate edits), exactly 7 years after posting it the first time.

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Starting over

I recently moved this blog to a new server as I was losing access to the old server (which is a long story best told in person). For some unknown reason, the backup that I created of my site’s database didn’t include the posts. I’m still not sure why that happened, but this wasn’t noticed… Read More