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Your quick guide to Comcast email headers

Email headers contain vital information about an email message’s origin, routing, and delivery. Knowing how to access email headers is essential to troubleshoot email delivery issues or investigate potential spam. Email headers can provide insights into an email’s path, helping identify issues. For instance, they can reveal if an email was delayed or came from… Read More

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Finding email headers in Outlook’s web interface

While browsing your inbox on, you might encounter emails where you need to see additional information beyond the basic sender, subject, and body content. This is where message details come in, providing a deeper look into the email’s origin and technical aspects. Here’s how to access message details in 1. Open the desired… Read More

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How to find headers in Apple Mail

Have you ever wondered how to find email headers in Apple Mail? These technical-looking details unlock valuable information beyond the sender’s name and subject line. But, there’s no button or link that says “headers” in Mail. So, where do you find them? Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think! Here’s what you do: Open the… Read More

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How to find headers in Gmail

Ever received an email at your Gmail address that seemed fishy? Or needed to trace where a message truly originated? Do you want to give an abuse desk all of the information that they need in order to enforce their anti-spam policy? Then you want to get the email headers. These technical-looking details unlock valuable… Read More