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Back to basics: Why have a policy?

It occurred to me that some people are unclear on why ESPs[acp footnote]Email Service Provider[/acp] have policies. Those people aren’t always clients. Sometimes, they’re salespeople. Sometimes, they’re even management. I suppose that sometimes, even deliverability professionals lose sight of why policies exist as they do. The Ultimate Answer The ultimate answer as to “why have… Read More

It’s time to consider non-users

A joint investigation by the Canadian and Australian governments has [acp author=”Offices of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada and the Australian Privacy Commissioner” title=”PIPEDA Report of Findings #2016-005: Joint Investigation of Ashley Madison by the Privacy Commissioner of Canada and the Australian Privacy Commissioner/Acting Australian Information Commissioner” id=”OPCCAPC-01″ year=”2016″ month=”August” day=”22″ year_access=”2016″ month_access=”August” day_access=”23″ url=”https://www.priv.gc.ca/cf-dc/2016/2016_005_0822_e.asp”]released… Read More

CASL Loophole?

In looking at the new regulatory framework for CASL which was just released late on Tuesday of last week by [acp title=”CASL81000-2-175 (SOR/DORS)” author=”Industry Canada” media=”website” year=”2013″ month=”December” day=”3″ id=”IC_CASL-01″ url=”http://fightspam.gc.ca/eic/site/030.nsf/eng/00273.html”]{author}[/acp], I noticed a this bit: 3. Section 6 of the Act does not apply to a commercial electronic message… (f) if the person who sends… Read More

Canada’s anti-spam law: Does it apply to me?

Lots of time and space has been dedicated to an examination of Canada’s new anti-spam law.  And we have been watching it too.  For a general overview of the law, I would suggest reading [acp author=”Al Iverson” day=”17″ month=”December” year=”2010″ url=”http://www.exacttarget.com/blog/canadas-anti-spam-bill-c-28-becomes-law/” media=”blog” publisher=”ExactTarget” title=”Canada’s Anti-Spam Bill (C-28) Becomes Law”]{author}’s {publisher} blog post[/acp] about it. Today,… Read More

You call it “Appending,” they call it “Epending,” I call it “Evil”

It’s been a long week and you’re relaxing at the local watering hole.  Someone comes over and strikes up a conversation with you and the two of you end up spending the next hour together.  Nothing happens and you are okay with that.  Perhaps they weren’t really your type, but when they asked for your… Read More

List Rental Is…

Peter Roebuck of AllWEBeMail (a division of All Web Promotion, Inc.) recently left a comment on Laura Atkins’ blog: rented email addresses, if done properly, should be no different from renting physical mailing addresses. With over 25 years in direct mail catalog experience, we know that catalogers are sending fewer catalogs and moving from print… Read More

Prior Business Relationships are irrelevant

When people don’t want to get permission to send mail, they usually don’t want to do other things as well.  For instance, they don’t want to offer a way to unsubscribe.  They want to make it easy to start and hard to stop.  Unfortunately, CAN-SPAM decrees it should be easy to stop mail.  And so… Read More