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Tulsi Gabbard performs a public service

Back in August of 2019, the Tulsi Gabbard campaign (“Tulsi Now, Inc.”) sued Google after Google temporarily suspended the campaign’s Adwords account after the first Democratic Presidential Candidate Debates ​(Marinucci & Strauss, 2019)​. Earlier this week, in a move that should have surprised absolutely no one, the judge in the case threw out the lawsuit… Read More

Did you catch the death of Postini?

According to [acp author=”Google” title=”Postini Transition to Google Apps” id=”Goog1″ media=”website” url=”http://postini-transition.googleapps.com/” YEAR_ACCESS=”2015″ MONTH_ACCESS=”June” DAY_ACCESS=”25″]Google[/acp], all mail stopped flowing through Postini servers on June 15. Any Postini clients who had not made the transition by the end of May were supposed to have been forcibly transitioned then. Postini was a traditional troublespot when it came to… Read More