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About that Gmail “Promotions” tab

It seems that a lot of people still misunderstand what the Gmail promotions tab is and does. How do I know this? Because I still get questions from time-to-time along the lines of “How do we get our mail out from the ‘Promotions’ tab and back into the inbox?” All that Google has done here… Read More

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The ISP should be the last of your concerns

Hey marketers! Listen up! I’m about to give you the dirty little secret to deliverability. You know those stupid “one simple trick” scams that tout weight loss or lower insurance rates? Unlike those scams, I have one simple trick to improve your deliverability rates. Are you ready? Read moreThe Spock TrapFORGET ABOUT THE RECEIVERS AND… Read More

The difference between triage and planning

I read an interesting post by Andrew Kordek at Trendline Interactive this morning. Its premise is that “Organizations need to do a better job at defining an inactive.”  And the fact is, he’s right. I also think that this ties into recent discussions regarding whether “best practices” are actually the best things for folks to… Read More

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The Problem Might Not Be What You Think

Today is the second day of some lessons email marketers can apply from learning basic emergency medicine. Today’s lesson deals with squeaky wheels, grease, and problem diagnosis. My sister-in-law is a nurse. She spent several years as an ER nurse and sometimes participates in emergency preparedness drills at our local hospital. Once, a few years… Read More