Authentication Failures

On the fourth day of Listmas, my data showed to me four authentication failures… Hey, it’s a song, okay? So, there are a number of ways to go to get authentication failures. Not everybody checks authentication, we could still be counting either DomainKeys or SenderID, etc. But, honestly, this is day 4 because that’s just… Read More

Who Drives DMARC?

Every time that someone comes up with a new way to talking about mail back channels it gets just a little more complex. First, we had SPF. That was a relatively easy thing. Add a text record to DNS that says where your mail is coming from and you’re set. You even had options to… Read More

Drafted for the wrong fight

My friend [acp author=”Al Iverson” title=”SPF Still Matters in 2016″ id=”Iverson-01″ url=”http://www.spamresource.com/2016/03/spf-still-matters-in-2016.html” year=”2016″ month=”March” day=”7″ year_accessed=”2016″ month_accessed=”March” day_accessed=”7″ media=”blog”]{author} just wrote a new blog post: “{title}”[/acp]. One of the things that he said struck a chord with me: “‘But SPF is worthless,’ occasionally a spam fighter will cry.” It struck a chord with me because SPF wasn’t… Read More