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Click Here…But Maybe Not? The Hidden Hurdles of Email Policies

Domain administrators implement email policies to safeguard users from phishing, malware, and spam threats. Admins believe these policies are crucial for ensuring security, but they may occasionally interfere with the intended functionality of wanted and expected emails. As a sender, it is essential to understand these policies and their potential impact on your email campaigns.… Read More

Policy at scale: Policy is relative

Telling stories is a dangerous thing in my line of work. But, work cannot get done without telling stories. On the one hand, you want the story to be accurate, but several really legitimate considerations mean that you can’t be so precise as to allow others to determine who is being referred to. If you… Read More

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What is opt-in?

Like all other reputable email service providers, my employer has an opt-in based anti-spam policy. This sometimes brings up a question about what qualifies as permissible consent under our policy. While we definitely believe that our policy is clear enough, a few weeks ago, I decided to break down some ideas about permission, consent, and… Read More

Policy at scale: What makes an actionable complaint?

Here’s something you may not know about abuse desks: they’re busy. The further up the “food chain” you get, the smaller the relative number of complaints you’ll see, but almost any abuse desk will receive at least several thousand complaints per year. Dealing with complaints, then, is somewhat art and somewhat science. There are questions… Read More

Policy Practicum: COVID-19

How does general policy change in the face of a known health emergency? It’s a really tough question that can be fraught with pitfalls and emotions. So, this will be the very first of an intermittent series of posts covering the policy implications of things happening in real life. First, a disclaimer I feel the… Read More

Policy at scale: It both is and is not about the customer

There’s an old quote sometimes (mis)attributed to Stalin: “The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic” ​(Wikiquote contributors 2020)​. The same thing holds true when it comes to policy enforcement: A single customer can be watched carefully but hundreds or thousands of customers fall to statistics. Mass detection… Read More

Policy at scale: The purpose of a policy is protection

The purpose of a written policy is to protect the provider by protecting the customer. Stated policies — especially in written form — provide a baseline of expected behavior that other people on the Internet can look toward. So, customers, prospects, recipients, and other providers are able to see what standards apply to the use… Read More

Policy at scale: Understanding the issue

One of the more difficult things to consider is how policies scale when you are talking about sending millions or billions of messages per day. But, being able to scale your policies to go along with your business is an important consideration. I generally operate with a rule of thumb that any direct complaint (where… Read More