Month: November 2010

An average email user responds

As I mentioned in my last post, I asked my dad to have a look at [acp author=”Gretchen Scheiman” publisher=”MediaPost Email Insider” title=”Does Permission Need To Be Explicit?” url=”” month=”November” day=”16″ year=”2010″]{author}’s article, “{title}”[/acp]. My dad is a baby boomer and I think is a relatively normal email user.  He does not know (nor does… Read More

Bigger Is Not Always Better

Delivery professionals have been telling clients for years that a bigger list is not always a better list.  We have been telling people that mailing people for sake of mailing people is not a winning strategy.  And, we have been advocating mailing to engaged subscribers while letting the dead wood fall away. And for years… Read More

You call it “Appending,” they call it “Epending,” I call it “Evil”

It’s been a long week and you’re relaxing at the local watering hole.  Someone comes over and strikes up a conversation with you and the two of you end up spending the next hour together.  Nothing happens and you are okay with that.  Perhaps they weren’t really your type, but when they asked for your… Read More